Divorce and Family Mediation for Weston, MA Families

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Weston Family and Divorce Mediation

I am a mediator serving all of Massachusetts, including Weston and the surrounding towns in Middlesex County. I specialize in helping families resolve conflict. I provide divorce mediation, parent mediation, parent-teen mediation, marriage mediation, and adult family mediation.

My mediation services helps Weston families resolve very challenging disputes. Conflicts range from developing a separation agreement for couples seeking divorce, disputes between parents and their teenage children, decision-making for divorced co-parents, and working through differences of opinions for couples wanting to stay married. Mediation is a wonderfully effective approach to resolving conflict.

Virtual Family and Divorce Mediation for Middlesex County Residents

I used to have an office in South Natick and a beautiful satellite office in Weston at the Henderson House. Like most professionals, the pandemic required me to shift to Zoom mediation. Most mediations now occur online using Zoom video conferencing. Even when in-person is available many clients prefer zoom mediation. Mediation by Zoom provides convenience and comfort for most clients, particularly if there would otherwise be a long commute and/or childcare coverage issues. Online mediation also allows clients to participate in the same physical room by logging on together or being in the same “virtual room” while logging on separately from different locations.



In-Person Mediation

Some clients prefer in-person sessions for any number of reasons. I have access to conference room space in a number of locations as needed, including in and around Weston, MA.

To learn more about divorce and family law in Middlesex County you can learn more about the Middlesex Probate and Family Court.