Mediation Tips: Useful Information For Family Problems, Relationship Help and Resolving Conflict

The links and excerpts below are posts that I wrote and were published on other sites. They have been written to help family issues related to conflict, divorce, teenagers, and other family problems.

The Good Men Project

The Good Men Project is a community of 21st century thought leaders around the issue of men’s roles in modern life. It is a comprehensive magazine site with rich thought-provoking content. I modify some of my articles to speak directly to the Good Men Project audience. They post my articles in the Marriage section of the site. I encourage you to check out their website for some great reading. Below are the links to my work on their site:

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Additional Articles To Help With Family Problems, Relationships, and Conflicts

broken-heart due to family problems

Divorce Mediation: An Alternative to Divorce Litigation

Website: Excerpt: Divorce is considered by some to be one of the most stressful experiences one can have. In fact, only the loss of a child is thought to cause more distress. A divorce after all can lead to many losses: loss of a marriage partner, friends, income, residence, and time with the children, to name just a few. All these losses are accompanied by a burdensome emotional toll that can negatively impact one’s social, emotional, and physical well-being. How’s that for a downer?


challenging kids

A New Way to Understand an Old Problem: Acting-Out Behaviour

Website: Excerpt:  Do you ever feel like you’ve tried everything in your bag of tricks to help a child improve challenging behaviour?  I bet there have been times when you dug deep to figure out how to motivate the child to behave better. I know I have. I have used all the sticker charts, time-outs, and rewards I could ever think of in my many roles working with children and adolescents.  And unfortunately, there are times when my efforts are to no avail.


Parent child conflict with father arguing with daughter about family problemsHow to Talk to Your Kids When They are Upset About Your Divorce

Website: Excerpt: The last thing divorced or separated parents want is for their kids to be hurt by their break-up any more than necessary. There is nothing worse for a parent than to see their child in pain. Yet, it is almost inevitable that the kids will experience some level of pain, disappointment and confusion.


parenting a teenager who texts all the time is hardTalking To Your Texting Teen

Website: Excerpt:  “She texts all night long!” “She won’t put that stupid phone down for one second!” “She cares more about that phone than her own family!” “I can’t talk to her anymore — I can only TEXT HER!” Have you or someone you know uttered these statements about a teenager? I heard all of those statements during a recent parent-teen mediation…


high conflict divorce mediation and family problemsHigh Conflict Divorce Mediation

Website: Excerpt: Some couples consider divorce mediation but shy away because they cannot imagine sitting down with their partner and agreeing on anything.  The argument goes something like this…”we can’t even agree on what we disagree about…if you think a mediator will be able to help figure out our finances and parenting plans you must be crazy!”

marriage adviceRelationship Advice

Website: Excerpt: Laughing Together: marriage is serious stuff, especially when there are kids. Keeping laughing — it’s a great elixir for happiness!

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