Listen as Ben is interviewed about divorce and family mediation and is asked about his “mediation superpower…”

Interview with mediator Ben Stich

In this interview one of the key concepts we discussed was the power of listening and understanding. Parties participate in mediation with the hope of coming to resolution. In order to do so it is important to understand what is important for the other party. “Getting to yes” involves generating solutions that address as many interests as possible. Interests are each person’s goals, hopes, concerns, fears, and needs.

Part of my role as divorce mediator is to be sure I understand and help the other party understand the other’s interests. Read a fun article about interests (and ping-pong) here!

I help clients clarify interests by asking clarifying questions. By summarizing. By asking the other party to reflect back what they are hearing to check they understand. When in doubt, I function as each other’s translator!

Part of your preparation is to come prepared to mediation to ask questions and listen intently. This is an essential part of developing a plan that you both feel secure about — and that you will still feel was a mutually acceptable agreement when you look back years from now.

I hope you enjoy this interview and it helps you gain a sense of my style and approach and how I can help.

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