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Mediation Training & Conflict Resolution Skills to Solve Family Problems and Relationship Issues

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MWI Mediator Roundtable Presentation:

Private Sessions, Neutrality, and Transparency:

Navigating the role of Individual Communications in Mediation

July 20, 2023

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How to Help Divorcing Parents Reduce Conflict for their Children

June 14, 2023

Boston College Graduate School of Social Work Continuing Education

Divorce: Information You Need to Know:

Moving forward in a thoughtful way that works for your circumstances

May 17, 2023

Arlington Community Education

Mediation 101: Conflict Resolution for Family and Communities

April 28, 2023

National Association of Social Works MA Symposium

Mediation 101: Conflict Resolution for Family and Communities

April 28, 2023

National Association of Social Works MA Symposium

You Can’t be a Great Parent and a Lousy Co-Parent: Successful Co-Parenting Across Two Homes

April 27, 2023

National Association of Social Works MA Symposium

Past Events

Introduction to Collaborative Problem Solving

March 29, 2023

Town of Franklin SEPAC

Divorce Mediation Training

May 16-18, 2022

Program Description: This comprehensive divorce mediation training is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to become effective divorce mediators through demonstrations, presentations, written materials, and role-plays.

National Association of Social Workers – Massachusetts | Symposium 2022

April 28-29, 2022


  • Divorce and Family Mediation 101: Helping Family Divorce and Resolve Conflicts
  • How to Support Your Clients Through Divorce


How to Support Your Clients Through Divorce

March 22, 2022
Boston College Continuing Education — B.C. School of Social Work


Improving Performance by Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

June 1, 2021


  • How emotions guide our behaviors and the science behind it
  • How to develop emotional intelligence (EI) skills to improve your work performance and results
  • EI’s implications for business
  • Why some meetings are duds, common professional mishaps, and how to prevent them in the future


  • Dr. Trudy Good, Director of Good Havens, and member of our Special Needs & Elder Care Club
  • Marian Howley, Chief Executive Officer of M Howley Consulting LLC, and member of our Family Office Services Club
  • Ben Stich, Family & Divorce Mediator and Collaborative Law Divorce Coach with Mediation and Family Services, and member of our Needham Club


High Conflict Parenting Program

Fall 2020
William James College


You’re Going to be Grandparents Together

October 3, 2019
How Child-Centered Divorce Mediation can Lead to Better Child Outcomes

Divorce Boot Camp

May 7, 2019

Program Description: Learn about the finer points of the divorce process — from law and finance, to wellness and coping strategies — so you understand the impact of divorce both now and in your future. We will give you the tools necessary to evolve into a knowledgeable, dynamic decision-maker who’s able to make informed choices… and not emotionally-driven, costly decisions.

I spoke on mediation as well as strategies for coping with the emotional challenges of divorce.

School Social Workers Association of America National Conference

April 4, 2019
Orlando, FL

Rethinking Challenging Kids:
Challenging behavior has traditionally been thought of as willful and goal-oriented which has led to approaches focusing on motivating better behavior using rewards and punishments. At Think:Kids we have some very different ideas about why kids with behavior challenges struggle. Research demonstrates that for most of these kids, their challenges result from a lack of skill, not will; skills such as problem solving, frustration tolerance and flexibility. In this workshop, you will learn about Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) – an evidence-based approach which decreases challenging behavior while simultaneously helping students build the critical thinking skills they will need to succeed.


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