Virtual Mediation

Virtual Divorce Mediation and Remote Family Mediation

We are regularly asked if I provide online virtual divorce mediation services. The answer is a resounding “yes!”

Mediation is often associated with law office conference rooms. The majority oof our family and divorce mediation sessions have occurred in such rooms, with reception and coffee, long conference table and high-back swivel chairs, and legal tomes filling the wooden built-ins.

Historically, we used virtual mediation when geography was a barrier. The pandemic changed everything. Now, almost all mediations occur by Zoom and for most families it is more convenient and comfortable than in-person sessions.

Why remote virtual family and divorce mediation?

Conducting family and divorce mediation online has helped families in a range of circumstances, such as when:

  • One party to the mediation lives out-of-state or in another country
  • Clients have long commutes to work
  • Clients do not have the flexibility with work to go in late or leave early
  • Clients are hourly workers and do not have have paid time-off
  • Parents are unable to coordinate child care due to the additional travel time with meeting in-person
  • Families request untraditional session times (sometimes it is easier to accommodate when we don’t have to account for travel time too!)
  • There is a high conflict dynamic where mediating online makes it easier for clients to be in the same “room”
  • Clients need a short session that might not be worth the travel time required
  • There are health issues, such injury, recovering from a surgery and of course pandemics (mediation during Covid-19)

What kinds of mediations can be resolved virtually?

All kinds!

Mediation by video conference, fondly referred by some as Zoom mediation, can facilitate a three-person session, like with a typical divorce mediation.

Video conferencing is also used for multi-party mediations, such as family mediation with adult siblings and elderly parents.

Are there downsides to virtual remote mediation?

There are advantages and disadvantages to in-person mediations and online mediations. Each has opportunities and challenges.

Many of the downsides of online mediation can be resolved with a little bit of planning.

I have created a free checklist to help families prepare for an effective virtual mediation.

How can I learn more about online divorce and family mediation?

I offer half-hour free consultations to all prospective clients. If you schedule using my online scheduler a confirmation email will be sent with a unique zoom link for the consultation.

Please feel free to contact me anytime and I would welcome the chance to answer your questions.

Online meeting via video conference

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