Collaborative Divorce Coach in MA

Collaborative divorce is a team approach to divorce that include the spouses, their attorneys, a divorce coach, and when appropriate a financial neutral.

The collaborative law divorce coach in MA serves as the glue that keeps the collaborative divorce law team together.

What is the Role of a Collaborative Divorce Coach in Massachusetts?

  • Divorce Coach as Communication Facilitator

    The coach facilitates communication between all team members. This can be between the attorneys. The attorneys and the financial neutral. The attorneys and the divorcing couple. Or between the spouses alone.

  • Divorce Coach as Process Planner

    The divorce coach in MA plans the meetings, sets the agenda, and guides the meetings. The coach identifies guidelines for the process and reinforces the guidelines throughout all meetings.

  • Divorce Coach as Tone-Setter

    The coach is the impartial voice that keeps the process grounded, and ensures everyone’s voice is heard. The coach brings the group back to focus when the meetings go off track.

  • Divorce Coach as Supporter

    Emotions can run high in divorce. The coach is the steady presence that provides support to all members of the team, especially the two spouses. The support happens during meetings and outside the meetings. The coach makes sure the process is safe, secure and manageable for all members of the team.

  • Divorce Coach as Problem Solving Guide

    The coach identifies the strengths and areas of vulnerability for both spouses and uses the information to provide appropriate support. This also helps the coach to structure an optimal process for negotiation.

  • Divorce Coach as Divorce Parenting Consultant

    In some collaborative divorce cases the coach works directly with the spouses to craft the parenting plan. The coach also provides education about the best practices related to supporting children through divorce, and the various ways a parenting plan can be developed.

Collaborative Divorce Coach in MA

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