Collaborative Divorce Law in MA

Collaborative Divorce in MA is a team approach to divorce.

Ben functions as a divorce coach in Collaborative Divorce cases. He is happy to provide referrals to collaboratively trained family attorneys and financial neutrals as well.

The Collaborative Divorce Team

The collaborative team includes the two divorcing spouses, their attorneys, a divorce coach, and sometimes a financial neutral. All negotiations occur with all needed team members present, facilitated by the divorce coach.

All collaborative divorce team members agree to work together to settle the divorce outside of court. In fact, the attorneys agree to withdraw their services if the divorce ends up in litigation. In other words, all team members are fully committed to coming to a fair and reasonable divorce agreement.

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Collaborative Divorce Law and Divorce Mediation

Like divorce mediation, collaborative law keeps the divorcing couple in the decision-making driver’s seat which gives them control over the outcome.

Similarly, the process is private, and facilitated by a specially trained impartial third-party. In most situations it is less expensive than a litigated divorce. The ultimate goal is to resolve the financial division and parenting plan and file a joint petition to the court.

Unlike divorce mediation, collaborative divorce in MA allows the divorcing couple to receive legal counsel live during the negotiation. The divorce coach can provide best practices related to developing parenting plans. And the financial neutral can help the couple wade through very complicated scenarios. For some clients, having their attorney next to them provides comfort and security in a stressful environment.

The collaborative team process is what makes it truly different. The professionals plan ahead for every meeting, and de-brief afterwards, all with an eye to helping the clients reach their goals and finalize the divorce.

Learn More About Collaborative Divorce in MA

To learn more about Collaborative Law visit the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council or watch the video embedded below.

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