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When is My Divorce Court Date?

When is My Divorce Court Date? How to Look Up Your Divorce Information Online

The divorce process in Massachusetts can be overwhelming. I often…
how divorce mediation helps couples divide assets fairly

How Divorce Mediation Helps Couples Divide Assets Fairly

Divorce is overwhelming for so many reasons, not the least…
how a mediator can help divorcing couples figure out alimony in Massachusetts

Alimony in Massachusetts

Going through a divorce and figuring out how alimony in…
divorce negotiation tip is silence

Unexpected Divorce Negotiation Tip: Silence!

Are you familiar with the phrase, "Silence is golden"? Well,…
what is child support in massachusetts

What is Child Support in Massachusetts?

Child support is a crucial aspect of ensuring child well-being…
mediation for separated parents

Mediation for Unmarried Parents

Here are some of the questions asked of me during a recent consultation…
divorce advice

Divorce Advice: Interview with the Divorce Resource Guy Podcast

Listen as Ben is interviewed about divorce and family mediation and is asked about his “mediation superpower…”
divorce mediation in massachusetts

An Interview About Divorce Mediation in Massachusetts

Ben joins Divorce Lender John Marroni to discuss divorce mediation…
Parent annoyed at written co-parenting communication on computer

Top Tip to Improve Written Co-Parenting Communication after Divorce

Have you ever received a message from your co-parent that infuriated…
Interview about Ben Stich's Divorce Mediation Services

Interview about Ben Stich’s Divorce Mediation Services

"Respectful divorce." Unconventional phrasing for many ears. We…
Couple going through divorce signing papers

How Can I Get a Divorce in Massachusetts?

There are two ways to get divorced in Massachusetts that…
Two cheerful black and white recruiters welcoming female applicant on job interview, african and caucasian hr managers greeting candidate for vacant position, handshaking and good first impression

Choosing the Right Divorce Mediator

Next to the loss of a loved one it is said that divorce…