When is My Divorce Court Date?

When is My Divorce Court Date? How to Look Up Your Divorce Information Online

The divorce process in Massachusetts can be overwhelming. I often hear clients’ expressing anxiety when they do not know when their divorce hearing court date is scheduled, especially when many weeks have gone by without receiving notice.  When couples do not hear from the court right away it is normal to worry if their 1A divorce filing paperwork may have been lost. Or, normal to worry the notification may have got lost in the mail.

Can I look up information about my divorce online?


While you should have received notice by snail mail there is a way to check online. It might be posted online before you receive your notification by mail.

You can visit the Massachusetts Trial Court Electronic Case Access website. This is a public database that anyone can use to see the status of their case, including the name of the judge that is assigned and that date of the next hearing.

This is confusing! How do I use this site?

Here is a step-by-step guide how to look up information about your divorce online and find out your divorce court hearing date:

Step #1: Click on “click-here” on the bottom left of the page after completing the Captcha form

Step #2: Select “Probate and Family Court” when asked to pick a court department

Step #3: Then, select your county, which is referred to as your “division” in the Probate and Family Court system. Note, the county is picked based on this criteria:

  • If your spouse still lives in the same county where you lived together, you must file in that county.
  • Otherwise, you can file in the county where you live or your spouse lives.

Step #4: Enter your name in the boxes asking for First Name and Last Name

Step #5: Click “Search” on the bottom left of the screen

What if I still do not know when my divorce court date is scheduled for?

It is possible your filing has not been docketed. I would first contact your probate court division by phone, email, their zoom “virtual registry,” or in-person to ask if they have your paperwork and if a date has been scheduled. Your attorney, if you have one, can help you as well.

If you would like to learn more about divorce mediation schedule a free half-hour zoom consultation with Ben or another Mediation and Family Services mediator.