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When is My Divorce Court Date? How to Look Up Your Divorce Information Online

The divorce process in Massachusetts can be overwhelming. I often hear clients’ expressing anxiety when they do not know when their divorce hearing court date is scheduled, especially when many weeks have gone by without receiving notice.  When couples do not hear from the court right away it is normal to worry if their 1A […]

How Divorce Mediation Helps Couples Divide Assets Fairly

Divorce is overwhelming for so many reasons, not the least of which are the financial implications of separating. Figuring out how to support two households instead of one and still accomplish your financial goals are parts of the challenges of divorce. While asset division is never easy, and hard decisions are required, this post will […]

Alimony in Massachusetts

Going through a divorce and figuring out how alimony in Massachusetts works can be confusing, overwhelming, and emotionally taxing.  What is Alimony in Massachusetts? Alimony, which is commonly known as spousal support, is financial support that one spouse may pay to the other after a divorce. Its primary purpose is to help the lower-earning spouse […]

Unexpected Divorce Negotiation Tip: Silence!

Are you familiar with the phrase, “Silence is golden”? Well, in the world of divorce mediations, it’s not just golden; it’s pure platinum! Let’s explore why embracing moments of silence can be your secret divorce negotiation tip. 1. The Pause that Refreshes: Imagine this scenario: You’re flabbergasted by something your spouse just said in mediation. […]

What is Child Support in Massachusetts?

Child support is a crucial aspect of ensuring child well-being when their parents are no longer together. In Massachusetts, as in many other states, child support is a legal obligation and the right of the child that aims to provide financial support to help children maintain a quality standard of living.  What Does Child Support […]

Mediation for Unmarried Parents

Here are some of the questions asked of me during a recent consultation for mediation with unmarried parents: Do I have equal rights as a father? Can I still get child support? What decisions do we need to make for “custody and visitation” (which I refer to as a parenting plan)? What can we submit […]

An Interview About Divorce Mediation in Massachusetts

Ben joins Divorce Lender John Marroni to discuss divorce mediation in Massachusetts. Divorce Mortgage Lending Thank you to John Marroni for a wonderful conversation about divorce mediation. John is a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP). The focus on John’s practice is to help divorcing homeowners make good informed decisions about what is usually their largest asset: […]

The Boston Podcast

Ben describes the benefits of mediation to couples seeking divorce (and is asked about ice-cream too!).