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The Boston Podcast

Ben describes the benefits of mediation to couples seeking divorce (and is asked about ice-cream too!).

WCRN Interview

Ben is interviewed by a local radio show to explain how mediation is different than other divorce approaches.

Top Tip to Improve Written Co-Parenting Communication after Divorce

Have you ever received a message from your co-parent that infuriated you? That was disrespectful and uncalled for? In those moments have you replied by text or email out of anger? A response that also was disrespectful and uncalled for? Be honest, have you ever hit “send” and later regretted it? Of course you have! […]

Interview about Ben Stich’s Divorce Mediation Services

“Respectful divorce.” Unconventional phrasing for many ears. We hear about ugly and disrespectful divorces all the time in our society. In the news (think Brad Pitt and Angela Jolie). At work. In the neighborhood. Perhaps in your own family. Sadly, with disrespect comes conflict. A disrespectful divorce can be costly on so many levels: Financially […]

How Can I Get a Divorce in Massachusetts?

There are two ways to get divorced in Massachusetts that are important to understand for anyone wanting to know how to get a Massachusetts divorce. Uncontested DivorceAn uncontested divorce in Massachusetts is called a 1A Divorce.The two spouses will make all their decisions about their divorce – financial and parenting – and submit their decisions […]