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Mediation for Unmarried Parents

Here are some of the questions asked of me during a recent consultation for mediation with unmarried parents: Do I have equal rights as a father? Can I still get child support? What decisions do we need to make for “custody and visitation” (which I refer to as a parenting plan)? What can we submit […]

The Boston Podcast

Ben describes the benefits of mediation to couples seeking divorce (and is asked about ice-cream too!).

WCRN Interview

Ben is interviewed by a local radio show to explain how mediation is different than other divorce approaches.

Top Tip to Improve Written Co-Parenting Communication after Divorce

Have you ever received a message from your co-parent that infuriated you? That was disrespectful and uncalled for? In those moments have you replied by text or email out of anger? A response that also was disrespectful and uncalled for? Be honest, have you ever hit “send” and later regretted it? Of course you have! […]