divorce mediation in massachusetts

An Interview About Divorce Mediation in Massachusetts

Ben joins Divorce Lender John Marroni to discuss divorce mediation in Massachusetts.

Divorce Mortgage Lending

Thank you to John Marroni for a wonderful conversation about divorce mediation. John is a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP).

The focus on John’s practice is to help divorcing homeowners make good informed decisions about what is usually their largest asset: their home. He is a creative problem-solver who has a proven track record of helping families make decisions about home equity and navigating the potential conflicts between divorce agreements, mortgages, and the property itself. In particular, he helps couples understand the difference between income and qualified income; what contingent liabilities mean; and different ways of structuring equity buy-outs.

Divorce Mediation in Massachusetts

John asked me some amazing questions about divorce mediation and how it works in Massachusetts. His interest in collaborative out-of-court resolution to divorce is clear. We discussed ways to communicate effectively in divorce mediation; the complex issues that can be navigated and resolved through divorce; and the creative ways a mediator can help to resolve important conflicts related to parenting plans and financial division.

How can I learn more about family and divorce mediation?

If you would to learn more about divorce and family mediation schedule a free half-hour consultation with Ben.