What is Divorce Mediation in New Hampshire?

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Divorce is incredibly emotional. In fact, it’s widely considered the second most stressful life experience next to the loss of a loved one. It is a life-changing event that affects all important parts of your life such as your finances, parenting, and identity.

Traditional contested divorces also can feel like you are not in control of your future.

Divorce mediation in New Hampshire provides an opportunity for you and your spouse to make decisions together rather than relying on others to make them for you. It is an empowering process that typically leads to better outcomes, while saving time, money, stress and pain.

How Our Divorce Mediation Services Will Help You

As your divorce mediator, I will provide you the support, information, and structure you need to answer these questions to help you negotiate and finalize your divorce. My New Hampshire divorce mediation services will help you:

  • Divide assets and liabilities in a way that both of you feel is fair, reasonable, and equitable
  • For parents, develop a parenting plan that is in your child(ren)’s best interest
  • Craft a divorce agreement that will help you move forward with your lives
  • Facilitate discussion and help resolve conflict

How Divorce Mediation in New Hampshire Helps Families

  • Create a divorce agreement

    Couples work with the mediator to develop an agreement that addresses your interests: your goals, hopes, and concerns. Divorce mediation avoids leaving important decisions about your children and your finances to expensive attorneys to battle hoping it works out in your favor.

  • Maintain privacy

    Mediation is a private process because it is protected by confidentiality. The mediator can never be called upon–and the mediator’s notes cannot be subpoenaed–to assist either spouse in a future court action.

  • Empower you as decision-makers

    One of the core principles of mediation is self-determination.  This means that all decisions are ultimately yours to make, not an attorney and not a judge.

  • Reduce cost and time

    Divorce mediation allows you to pay for one professional, rather than hiring two separate attorneys to serve as your legal counsel in negotiations, each of whom probably charge higher rates than a mediator.  The divorce process moves more quickly than litigation because mediation provides a process that is designed to help you come to resolution at your pace in a more affordable way.

  • Meet the best interests of children

    Mediation helps parents think about their children’s best interests and unique circumstances that lead to better child-centered decisions. Mediation also fosters co-parenting communication that can set the stage for successful future coparenting.

Divorce Mediation in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire there are two mediation options:

Many mediators in New Hampshire are evaluative mediators, which means they will assess your case and make recommendations for resolution based on their evaluation.

Working with me provides an alternative approach. My mediation style is facilitative, not evaluative. This means that I will provide divorce information to guide and empower you to make the best possible decisions for you and your family. The process can be paced in a way that works for your personal circumstances, in a private manner, and guided by your values, interests, and family needs.

What Clients Say About Ben


“My wife and I found ourselves locked into disagreements ranging from parenting schedule to providing racial balance for our bi-racial children to school district choices to responsibilities of children’s items, such as a special blanket, to child support and asset division; nothing was off limits and the longer the divorce prolonged, the more misunderstanding, lack of trust and animosity grew between us. Ben was a voice of reason and compassion, that time and time again reeled us back to a place where the possibility of good will between two opposing forces took root to resolution. Ben’s approach is disarming but he challenges each party to look at the integrity hidden beneath the hurt, to honor, recognize and answer, ‘What is fair?'”.


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