Co-Parent Education Class

Co-Parent Education Class for High Conflict Divorced, Separated or Never-Married Parents

Intensive Co-Parent Education Information for High Conflict Divorced, Separated or Never-Married Parents

I am an instructor for the Williams James College’s High Conflict Parent Education program, which is part of the CAFFES program within the college.

CAFFES, a resource for parents experiencing divorce and separation, holds an intensive nine-week course to build co-parenting skills for parents who are in high conflict divorce and separation situations. This is an educational program, not counseling, and attendance is mandatory for participants.

We teach skills that can help high conflict divorced parents solve problems faster, save money by avoiding long court battles, and create a calmer atmosphere for your child and for yourself.

  • A judge of the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court will order parents to participate in these sessions. Attendance is reported back to the court.
  • After receiving the court order, CAFFES will call each parent to conduct an intake interview (we screen individuals for active drug or alcohol problems, mental illness, etc.).
  • Both parents attend the classes together for nine consecutive weekly sessions.
  • Each class begins with dinner and “good stuff”, where parents share stories of their children’s experiences throughout the week.
  • In each class, conflict resolution skills are developed and practiced around specific parenting issues like discipline, transfers, attending the child’s activities at the same time, and changes in the family structure.

Our co-facilitators (one male, one female; one attorney and one mental health professional) work with parents on skills that include ways to communicate, ways to manage disagreements, and ways to control your own behavior.

We base the class on the following beliefs:

  • Parenting together doesn’t end when your relationship ends
  • Most parents can learn to parent together even after they separate
  • Children do better when their parents are not fighting
  • Parents do better when children do better
  • There are skills that help people solve disagreements
  • Parents can learn these skills

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Please contact Mary Ferriter, Director, High Conflict Parent Education Program at or at 617-327-6777 X2273

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