Family Mediation Facilitates Conflict Resolution For Difficult Family Problems

Family life today is very complicated and family decisions often require agreement between several family members.  Coming to agreement when each person has a unique point of view can be quite challenging.

What types of family problems can family mediation help solve?

Mediation can help families make decision around important issues such as:

  • Custody family mediation helps families resolve conflict
  • Non-marital parenting
  • Adult sibling conflict
  • Adult parent and adult child disputes
  • Estate planning
  • Family business
  • Elder care
  • Parent-teen conflict
  • Same sex couples
  • Poor family communication
  • Damaged family relationships

How does mediation for family conflict resolution help?

  • Helps save time and money because it avoids hiring multiple attorneys at high rates and avoids the cost and time of a drawn-out litigation process.
  • Preserves relationships because mediation fosters productive communication which can help reduce anger and resentment.
  • Creates win/win situations because the family members develop a solution that works for everyone, rather than litigation that usually results in a winner and a loser.

How can we mediate if we live in different locations?

There are times families come together to meet in person at my office. Other times, families meet at a different neutral location and I travel to the family. And still other times family mediation is conducted online using video conference.

To learn more about how family mediation might help schedule a free family mediation consultation or complete a family mediation contact form if you would like to connect with Ben directly.